"You cannot go into battle believing you will lose."

Akisame Koetsuji
(Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)
Dear Friend
Every stage of life differs from each person.
Some of you probably feel like your childhood is the best stage ever in your whole life and wish to go back like before, but to some people might think of it as their nightmares throughout their life. Meanwhile to some, their high school life is the greatest thing they ever lived for, but to some people, it was just no good.

I have read or heard a lot from my high school friends, that they missed our high school a lot. Missed their friends, teachers, juniors, the atmosphere and more. But I also know, some of my dearest high school friends thought that their high school life were the worst thing ever happened to them. It made me think... that while we are happy, they are people who suffer a lot even though we live, we breathe, we do the same thing. We are ignorant to think that everyone is happy just because we are happy. What if we are the reason why they are suffering?

Nah, Im not talking about me, don't worry.
But knowing my friends went through a lot of things, I was there but not knowing, it made me think that I need to be more cautious, more understanding and more observing. I hate the fact that I couldn't do anything for my friends when they reached their lowest wheel in life. Knowing that they even had thought about suicide breaks me apart. 

She told me she was really glad I was there at the school. Even though I didn't know what she went through on that time, I still talk to her, spending time with her, eat with her, encourage her, that she said it made her feel less empty. It made her think that at least she has 1 thing she likes in her school life. Im glad if that was the case, but the guilty feelings didn't wash away. Im so sorry for not knowing. Im so sorry for being ignorant. Im so sorry for not being there when you need someone to hear you out. What kind of friend am I... 

If you ever read this (not sure if you will lol. You rarely read blogs haha)
Just wanted to tell you that you are one of the people that inspire me a lot. You are really a great person, honestly. Even in high school, even when people looked down on you, ignored you, when I talked to you, I know you are very knowledgeable. You know a lot of things that others in our age didn't. I learnt a lot from you. I am glad to know you are doing better now. Or should I say that you are lively and kicking ass now? xD
I pray for your success and happiness.
Lets hang out again when both of us have time. I can even be your date partner again if you ever want ;)

As for other people who might read this and went through a lot right now, Im sure you are suffering a lot. I can't say much because Im not in your shoes, but take care of yourself, dear. You are a great and strong person. I pray that you can get out of it safely and find your way. 

new past