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Shinsekai Yori Review
This is the first anime review I have ever write in this blog. So, I am going to apologise firstly, for my poor review writing even before I start writing lol. I am going to begin my first review with my favourite anime of all time. If people asked me from my top favourite anime list, which would make the number 1, I would say Shinsekai Yori. I never love an anime like I love Shinsekai Yori. Keep reading, and you will know the reasons why.

Looks like a fluffy romance series, isn't it? Just a warning, it's not lol.

Title: Shinsekai Yori
English Title: From the New World
Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Aired: September 29th, 2012 until March 23rd, 2013
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Novel
Genres: Sci-fi, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural and Drama
Duration: 22 minutes per episode
Rating: R- 17+ ( violence and profanity )

Did you see the genres and the PG rating? Yes, this is not a fluffy love story, and to be truthful, this series is quite heavy. You will questioned yourself ideologies a lot throughout the series. I watched this series when it was airing and sadly, it was one of the most underrated airing series on that time. But now, I see the popularity of Shinsekai Yori keep rising, and people seems to love it. 

The story is set in the future (1000 years from now) where mankind has created themselves an utopia, though the events are restricted to only Japan. It follows the students of a certain batch in a certain school that helps the students master their PK (Psychokinesis) ability aka Cantus. In this period, PK users (humans) are the dominant species and Queerats are their sub-ordinates or slaves and often address the former as Kami-sama (literally translating as 'God'). We follow Watanabe Saki and her friends through the sufferings and pain they endure as they try to unravel the origin and possibly vile past of their present society. 

Oh, please do not worry. I will try not to spoil you. I hope.

Right, I would say that this is one of the most original story that I have ever watched. Yeah, sure it took place in the future (which the took-place-in-the-future-concept is actually a cliche story for a science fiction series) but boy, I was so wrong. You will not see any cyberpunk universe in here but what you will see is something different. Something like "Is this really what the future looks like?" but with the story flows, you will just think "Oh crap! The future might be actually like this and I am so damn scared to think about it".

Okay, that is just probably me.

The first two or three episodes were quite confusing and slow-paced, but do not give up. DO NOT GIVE UP. Give it a chance, and I can assure you that it is one of the show that you will not regret watching. Like I said before, this series will make you questioned a lot of things especially about humanity, morality and beliefs. You won't be sitting through monologues of lecture-like philosophy or psychology. You see society being critiqued through the journey and consequences of the actions of our protagonists. This is what I find to be the most impressive aspect of the show because Shinsekai Yori fully takes advantage of anime as a medium.

The plot twist and suspense in this series is very good, indeed. If you are going to bang all the episodes in one go, I would like to suggest you to have something you can hug like a pillow or something like that. You will not sit well watching all the episodes. And yes, they do have violence and profanity in the series. The PG rating warning is not just a joke, it's the truth. Trust me.

The main characters start off as children and by the end of the anime they are adults, with proper illustration of character development. I did find some of the main characters are quite dull like Mamoru and Shun. (Tho I knew that they made Mamoru dull for reasons. and for Shun, yeah for a reason too. NOPE. NOT GOING TO SPOIL YOU) Tho, I would love too if they build more character development for Shun. I really like him to be honest. But I need to praise the character development for Saki and Squealer. I don't think I will write more about this because it seems that I am very teary right now remembering how the series went. I love the characters so much you see. Instead, I will introduce you the main casts.

Songs and OST
The songs and ost are amazing. I love every bits of them and they suit the story very well. Really love both ending songs, love the animation for it as well. Watch it, yourself.

Overall rating
Duh, this is my number #1 fav anime after all, so definitely 10/10.
I enjoyed a lot watching this series and I can still remember every scene vividly until today even though I watched it like 5 years ago. I would love to recommend you this series, especially for those who wanted to find something different to watch. 

You can also share your own opinion on this anime in the comment section. Im open to different opinions. I also would love to know your feedback on my first review in this blog. Thank you for reading. 

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