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Akisame Koetsuji
(Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)
Unparalleled Eye Beyond Sight

A week ago
The sudden notification sound from my smartphone startled me up. That was weird. I mute most of my whatsapp groups because most of them have random talk more than important stuff. I swiped the screen to unlock and saw a notification from a lecturer of mine, Madam Aimi Atikah, who taught my class for painting. That was definitely weird coming from a lecturer since we are on our semester break (even though it is almost over now). She sent a picture (above ^) with a message, "Salam... Jemput datang ya opening 8 September 2017, jam 8 malam di g13 gallery kelana jaya (Peace be upon you... I invited you for the opening reception this Sept 8, 2017 at 8 PM in g13 gallery kelana jaya. Feel free to come by)"

I knew immediately what it was. It was an art show featuring her and Mr. Nik Mohd Shahfiz's artworks. It was a 2 Person Show. I was very excited that night, and started to ask my friends who lives in Selangor or KL that wanted to go to this art show together with me. 

I just got back from the gallery. I really had a blast going to this 2 persons show! The artworks are simply amazing and aesthetic. Those artworks really motivate me more in pursuing fine art. It makes me feel I need to do my hardest in my studies. By the way, at first I was planning to go to this exhibition the 2nd day, which is tomorrow, with a friend of mine. Then, for some reasons, both of us seems cannot up to the plan so I went with my parents instead today. Guess what? I have no regret at all. I have got to meet one of the brilliant artists, Mr Nik Mohd Shahfiz, not to forget that I got to see my lecturer and her artworks. I was really having fun throughout the opening exhibition, and my parents seems to be having fun as well, especially my dad, he literally more excited than I am.

Actually this was not my first time going to an art show/exhibition. I went couple of art shows before in Seri Iskandar but this was definitely the first time I went one in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur.

`Unparalleled Eye Beyond Sight’, a two persons exhibition that showcases recent artworks from two aspiring young artists of Aimi Atikah and Nik Mohd Shahfiz.

‘Unparalleled Eye Beyond Sight’ revolves around the idea on how two persons from two different time and space are able to reach their conclusion mutually based own their respective observation. Both artists will be utilizing the use of metaphors and symbolism in their story telling in order to create meaning based on their experiences.

Exhibition Period: 8 - 22 September 2017
Opening Reception: 8 PM, September 8th, 2017 (Friday)
Venue: G13 Gallery, GL13, Ground Floor, Block B, Kelana Square, Jalan SS7/26, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor. (behind Paradigm Mall)
Exhibition Hour: Open daily; 11 AM - 5 PM (Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday)

I will just show you some of them. The exhibition still on-going so I wanted to encourage you to come to the gallery and see those amazing artworks with your own eyes. If you are interested in buying their artworks, click here to go to this website. It even tell you the price and whom to contact.

By Nik Mohd Shahfiz
Oil on Canvas

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[ I can't find any of her picture in the internet. 
I should have taken a picture with her :I ]
By Aimi Atikah
Acrylic on Canvas

After strolling around the gallery couple of times, I finally had the chance to talk to my lecturer, Madam Aimi. I told her honestly, that I don't really understand the concept or the theme for their artworks. She eventually understand it since I am still in my diploma, so these are still not in my level. Diploma of fine art in Malaysia, focusing more on polishing skills and basic knowledge. Unlike in degree, where by they will be seeing more depth into it. It's kinda sad since I really do want to know about more behind all of these paintings but even with explanation, I think I am still will be going to be confused.

They took about a year to finish all these stunning paintings for this exhibition. I actually amazed with my lecturer, Madam Aimi, she has a small child that she needs to take care of daily, and yet, she still make sure to have time to do these amazing artworks.That is a very strong dedication. I actually mistook Mr Nik as her husband haha. I mean, I already knew about madam Aimi's husband is one of the famous 3 Nik Brothers, but the real question is, which 'Nik' is her husband? So I thought she make a collaboration with her husband but lol I was so wrong. It was actually a collaboration with her brother-in-law. (I am sorry Madam Aimi's husband for mistaking your little brother as your wife's husband!)

As for my parents, they don't really know about art at all, and this is the first time they went to an art exhibition. After seeing their bright expression looking at these artworks makes me feel glad that I went to this exhibition with them. Especially my dad. He was so excited like a child. He even said that if he has a lot of money, he would buy all these artworks! Dad being cute again haha. 

I hope I will become an amazing artists like Madam Aimi Atikah and Mr. Nik Mohd Shahriz one day. I am not going to hope and dreaming only. I will strive for it. 

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