"You cannot go into battle believing you will lose."

Akisame Koetsuji
(Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)
Result menurun and BANYAKNYE homework!!
UWAA!! Result menurun... (tapi bagus gak sebenarnye.. tak payah rimas2 lepas ni..hehehe)

Ujian Bulanan 1
SEJ: 78%
GEO: 98%
BA: 95%
KH: 72%
SC: 85%
BI: 78%
BM: 90%
MT: 73%
PAI: 86%

Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun
SEJ: 68%
GEO: 92%
BA: 77%
KH: 71%
SC: 80%
BI: 71%
BM: 82%
MT: 88%
PAI: 87%

Kerja sekolah.... banyaknye!!!! Folio SEJ, 4 poster BI, Top 1 MT, cari information debat BI, practise forum SEJ, SV, SC banyak lagi!!!
tapi takpe.. wat prlahan2.. nanti siap la tu... (malasnye... -.-")
tapi yg peliknye aku ni... sempat lagi tengok anime.. kali ni anime tajuk dia "Hidan no Aria". 2011 punye citer.. baru je keluar.. bulan April tak silap. 
Best giler citer dia!! tapi ade sedikit genre echii and shoujo.. tapi best la..
Yg ikat dua tu: Aria Holmes Kanzaki
yg laki tu: Kenji ape ntah..
Yg pegang pedang tu: Hotogi Shirayuki
yg rambut kuning tu: Mine Riko (mula2 baik pastu jadi jahat)
yg rambut pendek tuh: Reki

Aria H. Kanzaki (神崎・H・アリア)
 Age: 16 years old
Height: 154 cm (5'1")
Weight: 45 kg
Weapons of Choice: Chrome and Steel M1911A1 Government Model and two swords
Known As: "Quadra Aria"
Kinji Tooyama (遠山 キンジ)

Protagonist of the series and a student at Butei High school. He was ranked Level E (lowest combat rank) due to missing the Butei evaluation exam. However, under certain "conditions" his level raises to the highest combat status of Level S. He is currently enrolled in Inquesta department. After the death of his brother, he now plans on quitting Butei and live a normal life by transferring into a normal high school. His weapons of choice are Beretta M92F (which was illegally modified to fire a three-bullet burst. He refers to his own gun as Beretta Kinji Model), and a butterfly knife. 
Shirayuki Hotogi (星伽 白雪)

Age: 16 years old
Height: 168 cm (5'6")
Weight: 55 kg
Weapons of Choice: Japanese Sword
Known As: Himiko
Reki (レキ)
Reki is the Snipe department's ace. Butei rank S. Real name is unknown. She's habitually taciturn, constantly impassive and indifferent in fashion. She's always seen with a large headphone over her head. Her signature quote is "I am a single bullet. It has no heart. Therefore, it does not think. It just flies straight towards its target", which she always say before she shoots her target. She can shoot anything without missing her target within 2km radius. Her personal weapon is a Dragunov sniper rifle.

Riko Mine (峰理子)

Age: 16 years old
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Weight: 54 kg
Weapons of Choice: double Walther P99 for hanguns and double daggers for melee
Known As: "Quadra" and "Lupin IV"
Jeanne d'Arc (ジャンヌ・ダルク)
Jeanne d'Arc 30th (also known as Durandal or Diamond Dust Witch) is an ice ability user from EU (a criminal organization). During the events in Volume 2 of the light novel, she targets Shirayuki in an attempt to kidnap her and force her to join EU. She is successfully captured via the combined efforts of Aria, Kinji and Shirayuki during the season of Adseard. As one of the conditions of her plea bargain, she was forced to stay in Butei High as a 2nd year international student from Paris enrolled in the Informa department. As a reliable Informa student, Kinji requests her aid whenever he needs a supply of knowledge about a particular case he is involved at. Jeanne and Riko get along with each other very well.

 Jangan lupa tengok! ><

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